24 August 2010

Up (2009)


Adventure is out there!
So basically: 78-year old Carl Fredericksen ties thousands of balloons to his house to fulfill a life long dream of both his and his late wife's. His destination is Paradise Falls, South America. The place is home to his and his wife's childhood hero, Charles Muntz, who vowed to stay there until he could find a live version of the Paradise Falls monster. When up in the air, Carl realizes he has accidentally kidnapped Wilderness Explorer Russell. And when they land, Paradise Falls is very different from what Carl imagined.

Despite the depressing beginning - which will defs have you crying, or at least near tears - this movie is wonderful. My favourite part is the main character of Mr Fredericksen, who seems to be this bitter old man but really isn't (and it's discovered in a charming way). He's certainly a very good main character and his travel partner Russell really compliments him nicely. Those poor dogs though! That's my one complaint. That those animated dogs suffered so much at the hands of the cruel villain Muntz.

A charming film that can be enjoyed by all ages and should be on the list, but perhaps not this high.

Ziggi seal of approval!

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  1. It really is a good movie but the beginning breaks my heart every time. Favourite Part? Mr. Fredrickson trying to shoo away Kevin, who starts mimicking him. xD