10 August 2010

The Sixth Sense (1999)


Silence, village idiot!
So basically: One night, Doctor Malcolm Crowe is visited by a former patient of his and discovers that he has failed him as a psychologist when the patient kills himself. Seeking closure, he takes the case of nine year old Cole Sear, who has similar issues to the dead patient. After many meetings, Cole confides in Crowe that he can see dead people. Crowe is reluctant to believe him, but after listening to tapes of his former patient and realizing he, too, could see dead people, he tries to help the boy deal with his problem.

Does anyone actually like M Night Shyamalan? I don't think I know anyone (especially after The Last Airbender came out). However, I don't like to take biases and preconceptions - if that's the right word - into watching movies. So, for The Sixth Sense, I tend to forget that he wrote and directed it. Because, let's face it, this movie is pretty awesome. And the twist! I even knew the twist going into the movie for the first time (I mean, I forgot it while watching, but still) and I was still surprised and awed at it! I hope some people read this and don't know the twist then go watch it. It's much better that way.

It does lose something on the second viewing, but it still deserves to be on the list.

Ziggi seal of approval!


  1. The part where that little girl is hanging out in his tent just puking like a disgustingly little gross ghost upset me greatly.

    M. Night was a super impressive director...And then he let it go to his head. Or he sold out I'm not sure but either or he made some really shitty movies after The Village. Known for his flawless twistiness he really did raise the bar, but I think he forgot that he could you know...Make movies that didn't have twists as long as they were good. The Happening?...How does he get funding for these things anymore?

  2. I have no idea :< People are hoping for another awesome film from him again?
    Eventually he has to, if he keeps making them, right? right?! RIGHT?!