01 August 2010

Smultronstället (1957)


When your were little you believed in Santa Claus, now you believe in God.
So basically: An aging doctor, Isak Borg, wakes up on the morning of receiving an honourary degree from a strange dream. Instead of flying to Lund, where the award is being given, he decides to drive. Joining him is his daughter-in-law, who was staying with him, and three hitchhikers on their way to Italy. Throughout his life, Isak had distanced himself from his family and was seen as cold. Due to this, he has lead an empty and lonely life. However, during his journey, and through a series of dreams, he opens up and gains a second chance.

I absolutely hated this film when I first saw it - it was my first Bergman film and made me not want to watch The Seventh Seal (awesome movie!). However, watching this the second time I discovered why people like this so much. Bergman is a master at cinema and the film is beautifully shot. The characters are all interesting and engaging. The dream sequences weave in flawlessly. Victor Sjöström was believable and interesting as Isak Borg, and he made the character sympathetic to the audience; I don't think you have to be in older to understand his character, as I am only 19 and found him appealing.

Yes, this movie definitely deserves to be on the list.

Ziggi seal of approval!


  1. I personally liked this film better than the Seventh Seal.

  2. aww :( I'm going to rewatch Seveth Seal soon, but from what I remember, I prefered it over this one.