08 August 2010

The General (1926)


If you lose this war don't blame me.
So basically: At the start of the American Civil War, Johnnie Gray signs up for the Confederate Army. However, the recruiters refuse to take him as he's more valuable to the South as a train engineer. His love, Annabelle Lee, thinks it's because he's a coward and refuses to speak to him until he is in uniform. A year after the war, the Union Army sends a band of raiders to steal The General, Johnnie's engine, and take it up to the North, destroying railways and cables along the way. After the hijacking, Johnnie follows in hot pursuit as they not only have his beloved engine, but also Annabelle.

This movie is absolutely brilliant. Buster Keaton is definitely one of those genius types. The reason I love this movie so much is not because of the humour, which it has plenty of, or the acting, or the story, but how Keaton climbs all around the engine. If this movie were made today, it would be done with CGI or something stupid and would not look as real or spectacular.

This movie is funny and interesting. It should defs be on the list.

Ziggi seal of approval!

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