29 August 2010

L.A. Confidential (1997)


There's blood on your jacket. Is that an integral part of your job?
So basically: Three cops - egotistical T.V. advisor Jack Vincennes, tough cop Bud White who has a soft spot for protecting women, and a legendary cop's son who believes in honest law Ed Exley - clash at first. After a diner massacre, the three cops must work together to get to the truth of the matter and take down the corrupt L.A. police department.

Is it just me or is this movie extremely campy? But, it's done so well that you barely notice until it's over. That's the brilliance of this film. Each of the characters are, as expected, very one-dimensional and fill a known cop-drama stereotype. But, again, you don't notice it until the movie is over and you think back to it. The acting is really what made this movie so amazing. Despite the generic story and characters, the actors take their roles and add personality to them, and master the world they play in.

Of course this movie deserves to be on the list! I'm very surprised it has - society has led me to believe that campy movies are not "great" - but I'm very glad.

Ziggi seal of approval!

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