10 August 2010

District 9 (2009)


Get your fokkin' tentacle out of my face!
So basically: In 1982, a space ship lands above Johannesburg, South Africa and is permanently stuck. The government of Johannesburg creates a camp below the ship to house the aliens, but it soon becomes a militarized slum, known as District 9. Twenty-eight years later, Wikus van der Merwe leads a campaign to relocate the aliens, known as Prawns, to District 10. When Wikus confiscates an alien tube, he gets sprayed in the face by a mysterious black liquid. Soon, he starts transforming into one of the aliens and must rely on the help of a Prawn and his son to change back.

I saw this in theatres and was amazed. I love this movie for so many reasons, but my favourite has got to be the fact that it isn't set in the Western world (South Africa is the most Western of the countries of Africa, but it certainly isn't considered part of the Western world). I also liked the use of the documentary style. It wasn't entirely necessary, but I think it adds a nice touch and is great for mixing up the usually boring exposition needed to understand many science fiction pieces. The character of Wikus is also very interesting and accessible for most people.

This movie is unique and defs deserves to be on the list.

Ziggi seal of approval!


  1. re: tentacles...that's what she said.

    Wow, that sounds really good. Sci-fiy and a bit dystopian. And I could so see something like that actually happening.

    You know, thinking about it, I can only recall seeing two movies set in Africa. That's definitely pretty sad.

    Make me see this sometime!

  2. lulz :D:D:D

    You should defs see this movie. You'd like it.

    I kno :< There needs to be more.

    I totes will. IF WE EVER SEE EACH OTHER AGAIN!! D:

  3. This movie was good in making you relate to ugly bug like creatures and feel for them.

    I liked it, I fucking hate shakey cam though. Never have I ever looked at a movie filmed on a tripod and thought "This would be tonnes better if I was nauseous while experiencing it" and hence lifted up the TV and jostled it in front of my face for the desired effect.

  4. Yeah, shakey came is annoying as fuck. I do not understand it at all D:
    Realism? PSH!