06 August 2010

Yojimbo (1961)


No cure for fools.

So basically: In 19th century Japan, a masterless Samurai wanders into a small town. After learning that two rival families divide the town, he decides to stay. He is first employed by one family, but then uses his knowledge to be employed by the other family and plays the two against each other.

This is one of the movies I wish I owned. It’s one of those gems of cinema which everyone should see. Even if you don’t like subtitles, get over it. Akira Kurosawa is a genius when it comes to the camera and defs a name that any movie lover should know. His films have inspired a lot of Westerns and certainly do hold some of their themes – Yojimbo especially – but they are so much more than just Japanese Westerns. And of course, if you don’t like Westerns, like, detest them, I still think you should pick up Yojimbo, it’s paced a lot different than a Western, and, in my honest opinion, isn’t as slow.

Of course this deserves to be on the list!

Ziggi seal of approval!

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