24 August 2010

Der Untergang (2004)


Yeah? What do you expect from a teetotal, non-smoking vegetarian?

So basically: Hitler's secretary, Traudl Junge, recounts the last days of the Third Reich. She starts with Hitler's 56th birthday and explores how the many people of Hitler's inner circle deal with the Battle of Berlin.

Some people don't like this movie because it paints a sympathetic picture of the Nazis in power. Firstly, this story is taken from the point of view of the secretary, Traudl, who does not have strong National Socialism views. Also, I think the majority - if not all - of people are aware of the atrocities that Hitler and the Nazi party committed and it would be unnecessary for this picture to drill that into its audience's minds. What it does show, tho, is very powerful and convincing. Moreover, I think this film actually reaffirms the images of Hitler and his top men by making this movie somewhat sympathetic. It doesn't show them just as monsters, which gives them - to some extent - an excuse for their actions. Instead, the audience sees them as having goods or sympathetic points, making their "evil" behaviour that much more atrocious. It isn't as if you're watching a film, nor a documentary. It has this odd realistic feel to it, which (I think) is the reason why people praise it so much. It's a different side of the war, one that a lot of people aren't familiar with, and it does it very convincingly.

This movie is very compelling and deserves to be on the list.

Ziggi seal of approval!

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