01 August 2010

Halfway through

Movies reviewed (and posted): 95/250

Hello my darling sheep! Thank you for reading this far.

I'm here to update you on my process since the first month has just ended.

I'm not actually halfway through the list, tho. I've reviewed 95, as you may have noticed, which is defs not half-way to 250. I should be at 125. Or, since it's 4 movies a day, 127 movies. As it is, tho, I'm twelve movies behind on watching. (Yeah, I'm a bit further watching than I am posting ... )

I'm trying to catch up. Most days I've been watching six movies a day instead of the minimum of four, but sometimes life demands my presence. I'll try to catch up as quick as possible, tho!

has been watched, finally. The review should be up soon; I just haven't figured out how to fit it in since it's been so long. Ran and Yojimbo haven't been found through ordinary means and I'm currently waiting for them from the library, so they will be a little bit late. As will The Manchurian Candidate, which is also coming from the library. Those are the only foreseeable delays.

Anyway, that's about all I have to say about the process. The movies on the list so far have been pretty alright. Now that we're getting to the top of the list, tho, there should be a lot more Seals of Approval, and more enjoyingness from me!

If you're reading this, comment! I'm really curious to how many people are reading. It feels kind of like a void at the moment. And comment on reviews! Those are always fun! I always reply back.

Now, off to watch more movies and to lose a little bit more of my sanity.


  1. Girl you need to slow down LOL. You're going to fast.

  2. Nuuh! I'm still wayyy behind!!!