09 August 2010

The Deer Hunter (1978)


You wanna play games? All right, I'll play your fucking games.
So basically: Michael, Steven, and Nick work in a steel factory in a small Pennsylvania town. They sign up for the Army and are shipped to Vietnam, but not before Steven marries pregnant Angela. Once there, the three get captured by the VC and are forced to play Russian Rullet. Playing against Nick, Michael shoots the VC soldiers after convincing them to put three bullets in the gun. The three of them escape, but are separated.

This movie is absolutely stunning. It's really long, but you don't notice as you are enthralled by the characters. The cast is brilliant and they really play off each other flawlessly. I honestly think this is Robert De Niro's best role. I don't know what else to say except that this is an awesome movie and it keeps you watching until it's end. Also, not to diminish the seriousness of this picture, but Christopher Walken is totes pretty in the Pennsylvania scenes.

This movie totally deserves to be on the list, and I think it should be higher up.

Ziggi seal of approval!

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  1. Should be top 5. At least. Touches almost every true emotion of life.